What is the National Register Of Citizens (NRC)?

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register of all citizen whose creation is mandated by the Citizenship Act, 1955 as amended in 2003. It has been implemented for the state of Assam between 2013-14. The Government plan to implement it for the rest of INDIA in 2021.

Before we will start this topic, first we all know that what is NRC and why we will need to implement NRC in the rest of India?

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How To Improve Your Personality?

How To Improve Your Personality?

Your personality includes your individual differences from other people in how you thin, Feel and Behave. You might want to improve your personality if you just moved to a new school, got a new job, or simply because you want to be your best version of yourself. You can develop a warmer personality by making good connections with others, learning new things, and having some fun!

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CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019)

The CAB(Citizen Amendment Bill) or CAA (Citizen Amendment Act), 2019 bill amends the Citizenship Act of 1955, to give eligibility for Indian citizenship to illegal migrants who are HINDUS, SIKHS, BUDDHIST, JAINS, PARSIS, and CHRISTIANS from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, and who entered INDIA on or before 31 December 2014. The bill doesn’t include Muslims. According to the Intelligence Bureau records, will be just over 30,000 people. India’s previous citizenship Act 1955, did not consider religious affiliation to be the criterion for eligibility.

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What is love?

Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warms, and respect for another person. Love can also be used to apply to non-human animals, to principles, and to religious beliefs. For example, a person might say he/she loves his/her dog, loves freedom, or loves God.
Love has been a favored topic of philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists for generations and different people and groups have often fought about it,s definition. While most people agree that love implies strong feelings of affection, there are many disagreements about its precise meaning, and one person “I LOVE YOU“ might means something quite different than another’s. Some possible definition of love include:  

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